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Daniel Albone in the 1861 Census

Daniel Albone was born in Biggleswade in 1860 and at a young age he was introduced to the world of engineering. Albone built on his skills and opened the Ivel Cycle Works in 1880, named after the nearby river. Here he invented and produced the Ivel safety cycle and developed one of the earliest women's safety bicycles. He was also a successful competitive cyclist and won the national championships five times.

In the late 1890s Albone started working on motor cars and motorbikes, but probably his most famous invention was the revolutionary Ivel tractor. Its lightweight three-wheeled design is said to have changed the world of agriculture, and it quickly became apparent that this invention would soon replace the need for horses in the fields. The Ivel tractor was exported world wide and a few restored working samples can still be seen today.

We can find Daniel in the 1861 Census for Bedfordshire at the age of only six months. (RG9/996, folio 58b, page 116). The CD set for the Bedfordshire 1861 Census is available from British Data Archive.

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