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Baptisms and Birth Records in the UK

Viewing Baptism Records

Free SubscriptionTo view baptism records, you can use This vast research site includes Parish Records for a huge number of areas, as well as non-conformist registers.

Baptism records can also be viewed on Parish Register CDs that are available from S&N Genealogy Supplies, the largest UK genealogy publisher and retailer, who have over a decade of experience in serving the needs of family historians.

The newest available Parish Registers are listed below. Click on one for more information:

Cornish Baptisms - M & N (by surname) 1563 - 1900
Cornish Baptisms - K & L (by surname) 1550 - 1900
Cornish Baptisms - I & J (by surname) 1562 - 1900
Cornwall, Liskeard Baptisms 1813 - 1840
Cornish Baptisms - E & F (by surname) 1587 - 1898
Cornish Baptisms - D (by surname) 1562 - 1900
Cornish Baptisms - C (by surname) 1561 - 1900
Cornish Baptisms - B (by surname) 1562 - 1900
Cornwall, Little Petherick Baptisms 1708 - 1865
Cornwall, Liskeard Baptisms 1669 - 1812

Is there a CD-ROM you are interested in? If so, click on it to find out more. Or you can view more Parish Registers on CD-ROM by clicking here.

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