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Baptisms and Birth Records in the UK

What is a Birth Record?

A birth record is a certificate that states the date and place an individual was born. These records are available from 1837 onwards as published by the GRO. You can also order a copy of a birth certificate if you need to, which can show you more information about the birth.

Birth Records: 1837 - 2004

Birth records can be found at, which you can access via TheGenealogist. 'BMD' stands for Births, Marriages & Deaths records kept by the General Register Office (GRO) of England & Wales, part of the National Office of Statistics (NOS). These records have been kept by law since 1837, detailing every birth, marriage and death recorded in England & Wales since that date.

Information you can find on a birth record is as follows:

  • Full Name of child
  • Mother's Maiden Name
  • Date of registration
  • Registration district
  • Volume number and Page number

If you want more information, then you can order a full birth certificate, which can give you the following:

  • Full Name of child
  • Sex of child
  • Date & Place of birth
  • Mother's maiden name
  • Informant's name/address/relationship to child
  • Full name and occupation of the father (if married to mother, if attended with the mother, if signed registration entry - from 1969)
  • Place of birth of both parents

For records before 1837, you will have to look at Baptism Records.

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